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     Julie Reifers


             Booked it!!!

     Crazy Cat Lady Audition

Look out for Sexy Mary in "Pickings"    at AMC Theaters March 2nd 2018

RARE The Film is at Cannes Film Festival 2018 Short Corner Section
                 TAMMY SMOKE
SHort film by Julie Reifers Written and Directed by Seanie Sugrue Coming soon
                       Summer 2018


     Watch out for "TRAPPED     INSIDE" coming October 2018


        Drugstore Lipstick
                 COMING SOON!

     "Dead Ringer"

 Now on Amazon Prime

Read the Theater reviews here from "LOVE IS DEAD"  at THE SECRET THEATER By Seanie Sugrue

"But several standout performances go a long way in lending credibility. Julie Reifers and Richard Mazda are a perfectly matched pair as Betsy and Walter, fully inhabiting their characters and spewing venom toward each other as any unhappily married couple of long standing might do."

 "SPITE" By Seanie Sugrue
             Comeing Soon
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